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The Island
Thalassas, Dino Island, IS
Capital City: Thalassas
Recall Point: East Bamboo Gate
Run Map:

[BH] The Spirit of Bal Harbor
[AH] The Swimming Oliphant
[SS] The Tiny Timmy
[LY] The Seagull

Thalassas, commonly known as the 'Dino Island' or 'The Island' before the rendering, has flourished remarkably in the recent years, and has spread over a large area of the island. A growing movement refers to this island as practically a continent of its own.


Area Name Run Difficulty Builder(s)
Island, The [+] [Recall] Mid *Helfar*
Amaryllian Pass, The [+] From Thalassas: 3eseses2es2ueden Lowbie / Mid *Neptune*
Argosian Wreckage, The [+] 3esesesenen7es3e2n2enwd Small Mid Group to High Solo *Neptune*
Athenaeum, The [+] 3enenenennwnnw High Solo / Group *Mirage*
Canaa and Canaa's Wharf [+] 3es3e2n7e2ueu11e7s4eses4e3un Mid - High *Enea*
Deemonee Warren [+] Mid - High *Alana*
Elemental School [+] pop a school pass; use pass at Delesor in Thalassas Mid - Small Groups *Alana*
Enea's Temple [+] 3s High - Mid Groups *Enea*
Forsaken Swamp [+] 3enenenen Mid - Large Groups *Jyan*
Ghost Mansion [+] (Need Fly) 3es3e2n7e2ueu12e *Kalmak*
Infernite Mines [+] pushed into area by lava stream in Undead Midgaard High - Large Groups *Splork*
Irda Sanctuary [+] 5w6s2w *Jintana*
Jungles Of Sess'Inek, The [+] (water breathing) 3es3e2n3e;flee s;e4se2s2ese3de3sed2s2d;flee d;eu;open crest;2s2e3s2e High Solo / Group *Neptune*
Kingdom of Jrontauq [+] 3enw Mid - Large Groups *Seda*
L.A.A.A.A.M. [+] 3eseses2es2uede3sw4s10ws; pick door w; open door w; w Mid - Small High Groups *Rita*
The Moors of Gr'Valdh [+] (Water Breathe!) 3es3e2n3e; flee s; e4se2s2ese3de3sed2ds2d; flee d; eu; open crest; 2s2e3s4en3es;flee e; flee n; w3nen2e Mid / Small Group *Neptune*
Orc Mines [+] 4e Mid - Large High Groups *Tony*
Palace of Thalassas [+] 3eseses2es2uede3s3u Mid - Small High Group *Alana*
Palace of Thalassas - Upper Thalassas [+] 3eseses2es2uede3s3u *Alana*
Prison of King Cicero [+] 3ed High - High Groups *Tbg*
Saurian Frontier [+] From Balthazar: es2e3sw4sed2seueue3d2e2s3e2de High - Large Groups *Neptune*
Siren's Rock [+] 5w3s *Jintana*
Rainbow Valley, The [+] 3eseses3e2n2e4es; 3e2n2e2n2wu2eu3w2nu3enunesunwun High Solo to High Groups *Neptune*
Raven's Roost Inn, The [+] Gate Balthazar; esee3sw4sedssw Mid to High *Neptune*
Tabaxi Wilds [+] 3es2en; open door; 3nuw; open door n; n; open box; s2wnwswnw2sw2n3w High - Large Group *Tysmiha*, *Blade*
Tarot Manor [+] 3es2en *Wilde*
Tarot Maze [+] 3es2en; open door; 3nuw; open door n; n; open box; Mid - Small Group *Wilde*
Tarot, The [+] 3es2en; open door; 3nuw Mid - Small High Group *Wilde*
Tel Makor [+] 3es3e2n7e2ueu11e Mid - Small Group *Enea*
Temple of Neptune [+] 3eseses2ee2n2e4es3en High - Large High Group *Neptune*, *Splork*
Temple of Tepeyollotl [+] (Do not fly, but DO dark cloak, darkness, invis, water breathe, and stalk while running!) 3es3e2n3e3s; push column; open trapdoor up; u; s; e; open doors east; flee e; flee e; 4n; open gates up; unenun High Solo to High Lg. Group *Neptune*, *Breeze*
Thalassas [+] 3eseses2es2uede3sw Mid *Alana*
Thalassas - Fireworks [+] 3eseses2es2uede3sw Mid - High *Alana*
Thalassian Savanna [+] eseessswsss from Balthazar Rainbow valley Mid to High *Neptune*
Tower of Gr'Valdh, The [+] Make One! Mid to High Groups *Neptune*
Undead Midgaard [+] 3es3e2n7e Mid - High *Wilde*
Valley of R'Lyeh [+] 3es3e2n3e4s High - Large High Group *Splork*
Valley of the Great Old Ones [+] (From Ancient Dock) 9es3e2n3e High - Large High Group *Splork*
Valley of the Mage [+] 3enenen2es2e2ses2e High - Large High Group *Tower*

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