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Poseidon's Realm
Builder: *Judge*
Date Added:
Continent: Lyme [LY]
Run to Area: (Need Waterbreathing) ene3n; open manhole; d5s
Repop Time:

The realm is quickly accessed via a long dirty sewer pipe that sinks directly to the ocean floor. Once through the maze of kelp fields and seaweed you will find the great emerald city of the High Sahaguin. The sahaguin have been blessed by Poseidon and possess far superior strength and intelligence than their cousins off the coast of Niebelung. After carefully passing through the city a large slope ascends to the continent of Ch'ung Kuo. Several centuries of fighting with the races of the arid lands has brought about a wary peace. Ambassadors have been dispatched and treaties signed. But not all is at it seems, turn your back for a second and those smiling faces will happily kill you as you sleep. Some of the larger beasts that docilely graze on the sea plants have in fact eaten their fill on many careless travellers.

Ofal the warrior -- 'Take your friends and your friends friends and your friends friends friends, and gird yourselves for war.' Unfal the thief -- 'Use stealth and they wont see you coming.'

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