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Area Quester Quest Name
Cloud Giants and Crater Lake

  Reward: 10 Dr, ribbons of the autumnal equinox


I need to prepare for the celebration of the (autumnal) equinox. This requires that the dead of the Cloud Giants be properly honored. Will you help?

Necropolis of the Undead

  Reward: 50 Dr

an apparition of the caretaker

I am so overwhelmed with emotion that I can hardly speak. That abomination of a man, (azzenon), has taken over my graveyard and built a place of undead unrivaled by any other realm. My journal has the details of what happened, and I will not be at rest until I see his demise. I have not the strength to do this myself, but if you are a righteous person you would no doubt see what needs to be done!

Den of Thieves

  Reward: 50 Dr

an exhausted old man

Please refer to this sign. . . . Bounty List 1) Djab the black demon master 2) Demogorgon the prince of demons 3) Ithaqua 4) Avatar Gnoph-Keh

Lyme Town

  Reward: 175 Dr, 3500k XP

the pawnbroker
Crypt of the Yuan-Ti

  Reward: 100 Dr

the Yuan-Ti Yugoloth

Bring me a pair of jet black (greaves) and I shall reward you handsomely.

Mount 'An Mystica

  Reward: 10 Dr, 100k Gold

Squire Dorrin

Those darn lizardmen attacked and took my mother's (ivory_brooch). It's all I have left of her, rest her soul. I don't know what I will do if I never get it back, and those lizardmen are quite adept warriors. I doubt I could take one alone.

Cloud Giants and Crater Lake

  Reward: 10 Dr, ribbons of the vernal equinox


I spend a lot of time painting the scenes that are projected against the western wall. Most of the colors I need are fairly easy for me to gather, being made of crushed flora. However, there is one color, ultramarine blue, that I don't know how to make-- I've always had to buy my supplies of that one from wandering travellers. Perhaps you could do some research, find out how to make it, and bring me some?