Area:The Spire of Good and Evil

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The Spire of Good and Evil
Builder: *Juggleblood*
Date Added: November 29th, 2014
Continent: Lyme [LY]
Run to Area: Make One!
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Quick Notes

From the floor of the deepest canyon in the valley of dust and fire rises a spiraling column of stone reaching to the heavens. The path which curves around the central column like the threads of the screw is cooler than the surrounding desert giving life to idyllic meadows, lush forests and old growth pines in the colder climate of the high altitude. The forces of good prevail on the surface of the upward spiraling path, with many denizens being hostile to evil invaders such as then ancient ents which do their best to block evil trespassers or the Voadkyn foresters, good-aligned frost giant kin, who are aggressive to those of evil alignment.

However, just below the surface of the path resides evil forces in great numbers and many forms. The underground tunnels follow the above-ground trail, spiraling upward in similar fashion. The two paths are known to connect at six different points in different ways.

Two items of great renown are known to be fashioned on the spire: The Flaming Black Sleeves traded by the demigod Silenus and the Sleeves of the Stormbringer forged by the ice mage Fraisteron. The former is a legendary piece of equipment for magi and the latter famously desired by bards.

Lastly, there resides on the spire a well-known literary figure, Henry the Drow and his companion the elf Waldo Merson, who together are trying to compile a library on the origins of the intelligent races of Jord. They are paying a moderate ransom of drachma to those who can help them obtain certain volumes.

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