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Welcome to the beta wiki site for SlothMUD! Please read the Wiki Rules first. Click here to return to the main site.

This site is still in its nascent stage, so standards, formats, content, &c are in a high state of flux. There are still a lot of redlinks that need to be filled in at some point. If you find an error, feel free to log in and correct it. Just bear in mind that this is a wiki, and others may edit your changes. Feel free to contribute, just please observe the wiki rules.

Use the Suggestions Box box, appropriate crier threads, or email for ideas pertaining to the wiki, not the game!

Be civil and enjoy!

Some help still wanted:

  • Dedicated writers (for flavor text here and there)
  • Editors (for the many, many typos)
  • Graphic artists/web designers to add some visual interest to pages

SlothMUD is a Top ranked multiplayer free online rpg game! Vote for SlothMUD!

SlothMUD... the ultimate in DIKUMUD! The most active, intricate, exciting FREE MUD of its kind. This text based multiplayer free online rpg game and is enjoyed continuously by players worldwide. With over 23,500 uniquely described rooms, 8,300 distinct creatures, 12,200 characters, and 7,100 pieces of equipment, charms, trinkets and other items, our online rpg world is absolutely enormous and ready to explore.

With the introduction of 4 new classes (necromancer, druid, bard, and monk) to go along with our previous 5 (cleric, mage, warrior, thief, avatar), forging, brews, in-game quests, multi-classing, multiple continents, and much, much more, SlothMUD offers enough challenge to make even the most seasoned mudder never want to go anyplace else. Adventure and explore boldly by yourself or with a party in a coordinated group. Either way, play is a challenging, exciting, and consuming experience.

This text based multiplayer free online rpg game was started in late 1991 by a couple of college students and opened to players in early 1992. It is a descendent of the DikuMUD gamma 0.0 game codebase (see the title page for the authors of DikuMUD). It has been running continuously ever since.

From the beginning, SlothMUD has had a unique world. In the 15 years this world has grown to immense size, now comprising five continents and three islands.

The name "Sloth" was chosen to embody the original philosophy of this text based rpg game, which was to make everybody's lives as easy as possible. This convenience is embodied in commands such as "hunt" and "scan", as well as a multiclass system that allows each player to eventually access a great deal of the available class abilities.

SlothMUD turned into Sloth II when it changed ownership. It then became Sloth III after a set of vast, world-altering changes initiated by the current administrator, Jake.

SlothMUD III has since become SlothMUD after another set of a vast, world-altering changes after a solid twelve year run with the same playerbase. This multiplayer free online rpg game has since increased its popularity and player base. With each addition, positive change, and new player this free online game has no end in its sight.

If you want to find out more, log on to 6101, or have a look at the links below.